Monday, September 15, 2014

The Spirit Map: Soul Writing, Sacred Study & Synchronicity

Earth Balance by Sharon Cummings
I'm working on my new book "The Spirit Map"almost everyday and I wanted to share a bit about my process.

Much of the content from the "The Spirit Map" comes directly from my own spiritual support team.  With their help I receive information via many of the channels discussed in the book.

These channels are varied.  They include (but are not limited to) dream messages and images, clairvoyant visions, everyday experience, synchronicity, sacred study, telepathy and creative writing.  

So how does all that work?  The short answer is that it works in different ways at different times and that it usually works quite well.  But sometimes I try to left-brain it.  This is almost always an enormous mistake.

This weekend I was struggling (read left-braining) a chart I wanted to include in "The Spirit Map's" second chapter, defining and dividing and renaming the information, over and over until I finally settled on three categories:  Spiritual, Mind and Physical.  I wasn't sure if these designations worked but I decided they were better than anything else I'd come up so far. Filling in the rest of the chart was difficult.  The information I was plugging didn't seem to fit.  Three categories didn't seem to work.  Something was off.

Because I was working on my own I was feeling decidedly under-confident.  So before I went to bed on Saturday night I asked Spirit for help.  Then I stretched out and fretted about the book (and my ability to write it) well into the night.

Sometime around 2AM I pulled out my Kindle Fire and found myself on Amazon.  In a blink of an eye I had bought an ebook - "Creativity On Demand" by "How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci" author Michael Gelb.I began the book today.  In it  the author talks about the Three Treasures (or domains) of Taoist philosophy - domains he labels as Celestial, Human and Earthly. 

The synchronicity of stumbling across information similar to the material I was struggling with reassured me.  These were not my categories, of course, but not all that far off either.  And if three divisions were good enough for the I Ching, I reasoned, they were good enough for me.

I turned off my Kindle and pulled out my journal.  As I did my morning soul writing* I told Spirit about my struggle with my writing and the happy synchronicity I'd found in "Creativity On Demand" and in the spaces in between my thoughts I drew out a brand new chart.  It had three categories and I felt better about the names.  As I added the rest of the information the troublesome words fell easily into place.  In a few short minutes every empty spot was filled.  

Thank you team for being there to help <3

*Soul writing is an approach to spiritual communication through journaling (for want of a better word) taught by "Writing Down Your Soul" author Janet Connor.  I have adapted it a bit but it is still essentially Janet's method.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Full Moon in Pisces!

One thing I love about working late - the moon rising in the sky outside my office window.  This month's full moon is found in one of my favorite signs - Pisces.  Though by the time I snapped this pic it had already made its way into Aries.  Beautiful either way.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Astral Projection Update: Problems with Awareness

I'm currently taking a wonderful course on Astral Projection (Astral Projection Practical Intensive) and wanted to share a bit on my progress.  We are currently in Session 3 and, while I have not projected as of yet, I do feel I'm progressing. 

The course is given by OBE expert Robert Bruce.  It utilizes Robert ebook (free on his site at as well as the Hemi-Sync astral projection meditation CDs/MP3s produced by Robert Monroe.  Each session begins with several videos, as well as some text and recommended reading on the new material, and assigns a new and very specific level of astral practice.

All practices include daily energy work followed by the Hemi-Sync Meditation.  I am now using the second (or condition A) MP3 meditation and have been having some interesting experiences.  These include lots of tingling sensations, occasional feelings of expansion, and a few visions.  The visions have been interesting because they have been consistent.  I have seen archways, tunnels, roads, paths and a kind of moving tunnel where it appeared that I was rocketing through space with energy streaming by on either side.

My current challenge is that I'm going very deep in trance with the meditations and losing my awareness at times - though I don't really feel like I'm falling asleep. Yesterday I lost awareness and then became aware of being around people - which made me feel that I was dreaming.  In the dream, I was yelling "I want to fly" over and over. :) I did used to fly in dreams but haven't done so for some time.  Seems I might have missed it.

I feel very alert when I come back from these episodes of lost awareness (or checking / clicking out), not sleepy at all.  What worried me was the memory loss. I was concerned that I might be missing actual OBE activity or rather failing to remember it.  Robert believes we all astral project in dreams (for more on Robert's teachings please check out his interview on this topic here Astral Projection with Robert Bruce) and that the real challenge is to remember it.  

One of the great things about this course (and all the Glide Wing courses) is the forum component.  In it the instructor responds to questions on the material.  In a course like this is incredibly helpful.  Because of my concerns, I posted my problem with awareness  in the forum.

Robert got back to me immediately.  He said that these were good signs and that success should not be too far away.  He also recommended several things which I'm going to put into effect today.  They include:
  1. Increasing my slight discomfort level by using a hard backed chair against the wall with a small pillow to support my neck (and small footstool if needed).
  2. Restarting the CD if I do check / click out and repeating the  meditation.
  3. Getting adequate sleep.
  4. Continuing my practice daily.
Robert also has been encouraging me to utilize daily affirmations which he believes in whole-heatedly (more on that in the interview).  This isn't hard because I really do believe that I will successfully project provided I stick with it.  

I am getting so much out of this course!  I am also thrilled that when it ends I can be part of Robert's free community (Astral Dynamics Forum) and receive the support of others.  There is even a new special area for graduates of the course which I am really looking forward to joining!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Practical Clairvoyance: Deciding on the Right Side of the Brain

When I began my courses at The International School of Clairvoyance I had more questions than about clairvoyant training than I did answers.  I know that I wanted to increase my clairvoyant abilities, obviously, but I wasn't really sure what I would do with these abilities once I had them.  

Did I want to work professionally as a clairvoyant reader?  If not, what purpose would developing my abilities serve?

I am still not sure about the professional part but I do feel that I have answered the other question.  I now know that there are a lot of different ways to use my developing psychic sight.  In healing, for example, and manifestation work.  And, perhaps most significantly, in making important life path choices.

I have always worked with divine light and color in my (non) professional healing work and the class has certainly helped with that.  And in manifestation work as well.  When I manifest, I build my dreams both visually and through affirmations, creating on the causal plan things which will eventually manifest in this world.  I'm better at doing that then I was before.  I'm glad of that.  But this post is not about those applications.  It is about the making of decisions - on the right side of our brains.

I make most of my decisions there already, it's true.  I know what to do next without knowing exactly how I know.  I know what to do because a certain course of action makes me uncomfortable or excited.  I know what to do because of dreams, my morning soul writing (or journaling), or my other forms of writing.  Through telepathic communication with my guides.  Via hypnogogic images.  Or meditative visions.  Except that now I can plug into those visions when I choose. And that can be very, very helpful.

Case in point.  A few weeks ago, I asked about my writing.  I was trying to decide if I should write spiritual non-fiction or creative spiritual non-fiction or the plain up fantasy fiction I once loved. If you read this blog on a regular basis you know that I have been stuck in this question for some time.  Though you may not have been aware of the enormous toll being stuck was taking.

I was frustrated because my ordinary means of getting info were at odds.  My gut wasn't crazy about spiritual non-fiction, true, but in the context of things that I feel unworthy of my gut has been known to err.  My dreams and meditations  were urging me to communicate, certainly, but not saying exactly how.  I loved blogging but somehow knew that there is was more.  My soul writing was saying fiction.  Telepathically I was getting a lot of direct text for non.  I was torn.

So I decided to ask spirit for a clairvoyant vision.  The first vision I received was a bright blue high heeled shoe.  Okay, I thought, write with style.  Makes sense.  But not an answer.  The second vision was of a book.  An old suede covered book with soft yellow pages.  It was opened at the half way mark and as I watched I saw that it was being pulled into two halves, strings stretchering and finally breaking to form two individual volumes.

I am torn, I interpreted, as I thought.  But from that tension - two books instead of one.  Or at least that is my guess.  Which does, in fact, make sense within the context of the seemingly contradictory info I have been getting from my other sources.  So much sense that the idea of two book is, I think, correct.  Something I didn't know until right here, right now as I wrote this paragraph.  

Two books.  One fiction.  One non.  And so it is decided.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Astral Projection: Great Live Interview with OBE Expert Robert Bruce!!!

Listen to the New Age Review!

Listen in to this wonderful interview with the author of Astral Dynamics, Mastering Astral Projection,  Energy Work, and The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook Robert Bruce! Robert is the instructor of the course I am currently taking Astral Dynamics Practical Intensive taught through Please check back for more on this wonderful course of study!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Catch Astral Projection Expert Robert Bruce Tomorrow Night (Live)!

Meet astral projectionist, author and teacher Robert Bruce live on The New Age Review radio show Wednesday August 27th at 9PM ET / 6PM PT!!!  

Robert is the author of the best-selling book, Astral Dynamics, a gifted teacher and mystic and one of the world's foremost experts in astral projection.  His other books include Mastering Astral Projection,  Energy Work, and The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook

Robert teaches through his website as well as through - where I am currently studying.  He has taught at the Monroe institute and other workshops world-wide.

Call in at (347) 989-1040 with your questions for Robert.  We will also take chat questions as time allows!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Birthday to Us!

Friday was the fourth birthday of my old friend, this blog.  The blog was born on the same day as I was - August 22.   It was inspired by my need to focus on anything really which at that point in time happened to be New Age spirituality.  My first entry was on Eckhart Tolle and I share that post below in full for anyone whose interested.

The blog made a difference in my life.  It listened when no one else could.  Never judging.  Always available.  And it did, indeed, help me focus.  Over time, it became a bridge between my steadily expanding world and a long list of others.  The blog led me to books and courses and workshops and people.  It allowed me to share what I was learning and in so doing in some small part repay the debt I owed others - for the wisdom they so freely shared with me.

The blog became a channel for my own spiritual experience and it in turn helped me to define that experience.  As I followed that current I learned things I did not expect to learn.  And that continues till this day.   Finally, I think, it has led me back to the place I most need to be.  

I was poet when I was young and then, for the most part, life took over.  In the late nineties and early 2000s however things changed.   I wrote a series of manuscripts.  Born of my own strong need to escape disappointment and personal tragedy they were wild, impassioned and ultimately flawed - though not perhaps irretrievably.  But the writing of them taught me a few things about the craft writing.  And my work here has taught me too.

I am now following the wisdom of another not so New Age writer, Ray Bradbury.  He was born on August 22nd and his writing is sharp and poetic and filled with passion.  Perhaps because we share a birthday, his writing method appeals to me and I have promised myself that I will take the advice he gives in Zen in the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity and write 1000 non-blog words per day.

These words and the time it takes to write them have to come from somewhere and I may be cutting back on things.  Less workshops.  Less radio episodes.  Less down time.  But I will still be here every week for as long as I can type, paying my debt to those who have inspired me and those who care to read what I have written - and to my old friend The New Age Review as well.

Eckhart Tolle: A Short Bio  August 22nd, 2010

I don't read a lot of best sellers or New Age books and have definitely not read a book that spanned both those categories but I am reading Eckhart Tolle.  His book A New Earth is on my night table.  It  has a bright orange cover with a wrapper full of text about an Oprah / Eckhart web event.  And it brings with it a sense of possibility I had just about forgotten. 

I first saw and heard of Eckhart Tolle just last night on public access TV. It was almost 3 a.m. on the morning of my birthday and I couldn't sleep and I eventually found myself on the couch watching late night TV.  Surfing through the channels, I paused at Eckhart Tolle because I liked his voice.

A peaceful voice is a welcome thing on a sleepless night and I liked Tolle's lilt and his ill-fitting peasant vest and hobbit-like demeanor. He talked about spaciousness, attachment to objects and enlightenment. All of interest to me.  And he did not seem to take himself especially seriously which I find appealing in just about anyone.

Curious, I researched Tolle on the internet.  I learned that he was born in 1948 and had an unhappy childhood in the shadow of post-war Germany. He later relocated to Spain then England where he attended the University of London. He completed his post graduate work in 1977. I am not clear on his area of study.

Also in 1977, following years of depression, anxiety and spiritual seeking he underwent a self described spiritual transformation. Following this transformation, he lived with friends at a Buddhist monastery or slept on the open ground of Hampstead Heath in a state of peace and contentment. Following or during this period he began to provide spiritual instruction to individuals and small groups in England.

He found himself compelled to move to the North American West Coast in 1995 and has stated that the energy of northwest Canada made it possible for him to write a book he couldn't have wrote in England. That book, the Power of Now, was published in 1999. Other books followed, including "A New Earth" which I am surprised to find myself reading.

I have been meaning to start a blog for some time thinking that, perhaps, if I make a commitment to review a book I will finish it.  I have fallen into a bad habit lately of wandering away from them.  So this is the blog, please wish me luck with it.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Meditation, Dark Energy and Dreams

Last week I participated in a guided meditation in a course that I am taking.  And I wanted to write about that experience even though it does not fit in here in the way I'd like.  

The course is given by author of Writing Down Your Soul, Janet Connor.  It is call Plug in for Writer's and I recommend it highly.  During this, our third class, Janet lead us through a meditation aimed at removing blockages impeding our creative flow.  We were to imagine each blockage as a rock.  As Janet guided as gently through the meditation, I found a rock at each and every chakra.  My rocks were made of different material.  Each was a different shape, size and color.  

At my first chakra, I found hematite.  At my second an elongated piece of slate.  At my third and fourth a sort of chalk.  At my fifth  a black rock, very like the deep dark and always slightly iridescent anthracite coal which is everywhere here in Northeast PA.  At my sixth chakra small rusty shards.  At my seventh a small gray stone of no particular type.

At felt a wonderful sense of release during the meditation but I also felt that there was more work to be done.  That night I had two interesting experiences during sleep.  In the first, I woke up  to a voice speaking quietly but very clearly inside my head (as often happens to me at night).  It said, "We couldn't remove all.  Some are gone.  And some are changed."  I wrote down the message and went back to sleep and began to dream.

In the dream, I was thrilled to have been given a box that held a litter of new born wolf pups.  Or so I thought.  When I got home however I discovered that the box did not hold the actual puppies but a collection of soon to be hatched wolf eggs instead.  Each egg had a different shape and size and, as I remember, there were five of them.  Several of the eggs were round and rock-like - but I was quite sure that they were eggs nonetheless.  

I was worried sick that the eggs might not hatch but in the end they did.  Three of the egg-rocks yielded ducklings.  One broke and I didn't see anything inside.  I was happy to have ducks but still disappointed that there were no wolves.  And then the last egg opened.  Inside was a tiny perfect coal black wolf and I loved that wolf immediately.  

I carried the tiny wolf everywhere with me in the dream and as I did it grew into a beautiful and affectionate animal with a variegated coat of brown and tan.

There's more to the dream than that but I wanted to comment here on the message which I am quite sure concerned the meditation I'd participated in earlier that day - and the symbolism of the dream.  The rock-eggs were like the rocks I encountered in Janet's meditation.  The coal black wolf paralleled my third chakra rock.  Black rock.  Black wolf.  And now a third black to complete the circuit.

When I was nineteen, I left home for fifth or sixth or seventh time.  My family had long since given up on stopping me, if they had ever really tried at all.  I was living on my own for some time at that point but I liked to keep my parents updated.  In the name of doing that, I met mother one rainy afternoon in a coffee shop on the main street of a town which I have, in an unexpected way, come back to.  I told her I was leaving and I tried to tell her why.

The reasons, then and now, were murky.  I was passionate about poetry in those days and I wanted to garner the experiences of a great writer.  My mother didn't understand that, or perhaps she did, but I felt more misunderstood after that meeting than I had before.  I sat in the old-fashioned vinyl and Formica booth long after she had left, writing poetry on a series of paper napkins.  Pieced together they became this poem.

Pittston, On Leaving (1979)

There's nothing for me here.  Only rain
and streets of wet magnesium.
These hundred panes are filled with a watery yellow light
but the corners of the shop are webbed with shadow.
There should be carriages and gas-lights here
but there is only a maroon and gold awning
out there across the street.
The tiny window panes run with rain, blur the words,
whatever words
glisten up above that awning.
Plate glass windows and clothes behind:
Kresge's yellow-purple cotton housecoats,
old display cases, nineteen-forties styles,
and everything looks so old.
My face, these shops, slip along grey-hound windows
lost their hold
and vanish.
Plans forgotten before the coffee's cold.
Promises I cannot forget.
And you within your distance.
Tomorrow is waiting in a shipping crate,
one more highway, one more home.
I can't stop now.
So this time it's Miami, because there's no place left
I haven't been
I take what was me in two-fisted filthy chunks
and wrench it out.

I am quite sure that those chunks, however awkward poetically, were black.  Black as Northeast PA coal and blocked fifth chakra centers and the dark-bright promise of a newborn wolf.  And I am equally sure that removing them was not as simple as I imagined.  There is, I suspect, a message in all of that.

One last thing.  Several years ago I had an odd and somewhat disturbing reading at a psychic fair.  I was beaten down by life a bit that day, that year, that decade.  And the reader I paid to hear that I was a phoenix or a swan told me I was a wolf instead.  My immediate reaction was that I did not want to be a wolf at all. That I wanted to be something beautiful and transformational and winged. The reader saw that I wasn't pleased but he stuck to his assessment. "Some people are birds and some are sheep," he said firmly.  "But you're a wolf, my dear.   Whether you want to be or not."

Wolves are brave animals, both alone and in a pack, and I suspect that that was part of it. I didn't want to be brave then - or even really now.  But the truth was that I was already brave whether I wanted to admit to it or not.  I was brave at 15 or 17 or 19 - packing up my little VW bug to head out for parts unknown.  I was braver still in the years that followed as I battled bad luck, tragedy and loss.  

But there is a kind of bravery I still don't want -  an owning of things which I would like to finish and be done with - even  and especially because it seems I never will be.  I want to write about the light and yet, despite my best efforts, I find myself pulled back to the dark stories and changing  metaphors of fiction. Some things cannot be taken out, I am reminded.  But I've yet to discover how they will be transformed.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Astral Dynamics Practical Intensive

This week I started the Astral Dynamics Practical Intensive with astral projectionist, author and teacher Robert Bruce. I am so excited to be in this class.  

Robert is the author of the best-selling book, Astral Dynamics, a gifted teacher and mystic and one of the world's foremost experts in OBE (out of body experience). He's written several other books as well (Including Mastering Astral Projection, Energy Work, and The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook).  I will be working with his Mastering Astral Projection CD Companion throughout this course.

The Astral Dynamic Practical Intensive  is given in the same wonderful format as other Glide Wing courses I have taken.   It includes written material, structured assignments, insightful video lectures and an active forum where the instructors can personally answer questions and give advice. Because lectures are prerecorded it is not too late to check out and join this course.

I'll be blogging more on this fascinating course in the weeks to come but I wanted to share one of the videos Robert shared with us here tonight.  It's one I've seen before but have always loved. It's short and fun but will help you to think of dimensions in a whole new way!

To learn more about Robert, please check out his website at To meet Robert on live radio please check out next Wednesday's episode of The New Age Review radio show at 9PM ET / 6PM PT!!!  Link follows:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Spiritual Summer School!

I've gone class crazy this summer.  And am taking not one, not two, but three classes all at the same time!  How you may wonder (as I have) did this happen?

My Clairvoyant 2 course with Debra Katz made sense because it was the continuation of Clairvoyant 1 (which I loved) and because I feel quite strongly that it's preparing me to work as professional clairvoyant reader in my chosen area (Life Path Readings).  It's a great course, given live by Debra and includes  a weekly live practice session (with a different volunteer each week) in addition to the course itself.  I couldn't pass it up.

Astral Dynamics Practical Intensive with Robert Bruce is a course I've been trying to fit into my schedule for almost a year and this summer I decided that I just couldn't wait one more session.  I find Robert's approach fascinating and I very much want to experience (or re-experience) out of body exploration.  Sometimes there is never a right time to do the things that matter and I felt that I needed to make space for this course of study now.

The third course wasn't planned in anyway at all.  But it was something I just knew I had to do.  The class is called Plug In for Writers, and it's given by Janet Conner, author of Writing Down Your Soul which is a really incredible book.  I blogged on week one last week.  Week two was on one of my favorite topics, spiritual guidance.  And this week, week three, was on removing blockages.  Because I've talked about the other two classes a bit before I want to comment on Janet's course below.

On Monday, Janet led us in an incredible meditation which guided us to remove blockages from our chakras.  In doing so, we would clear our creative channel and prepare ourselves for the classes to follow.  I felt a great sense of release as we did this particular meditation and on Monday night I had a very unusual dream.

I'm not sure if this is the place for the story of the dream or not.  And I can't tell the story without explaining what happened during the meditation and referencing some old poetry and I suspect that the resulting post will be long - and personal.  So I'm going to have to think about how and where I want to tell this tale.  For now I will simply say that it is wonderful when everything comes together, just exactly as it should. 

 I feel so very blessed <3

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gabriel: The Patron of Earthly Messengers

Gabriel at the Annunciation (da Vinci)

All angels are messengers.  The Hebrew word for angel "mal'akh" (מַלְאָךְ) means messenger, in fact, and so applies to every angel known.  The archangel Gabriel, however, has come to be particularly associated with this activity in the popular literature.  Why is this the case?

Gabriel first appears in the Hebrew bible as a translator of visions (Daniel 8:160.  If the dream was intended as message, Gabriel's clarifies that message by interpreting the dream.

In the book of Enoch, Gabriel is an avenger - a role she plays in Daniel as well.  Violence does I suppose deliver a message though not the sort we like to associate with angels.  Still, I don't find it impossible to imagine angels in the capacity of warriors for a cause.

In the Talmud, it is Gabriel who delivers a message to Queen Vashti urging her to disobey her King - thereby paving the way for Esther and the salvation of the Jews of the day.

In Christian and Islamic writings Gabriel's role as a messenger is emphasized - both as the angel of the annunciation and as the deliverer of the Koran.  

Whether we accept such texts or not, it does seem fair to assume that Gabriel was well known as a messenger to these early writers or she would not have been cast as such.  This idea of Gabriel as a messenger, then, isn't new and, if it was invented, it was invented long ago.

As a messenger among messengers, it seems fitting that Gabriel might provide guidance and support to a wide array of earthly messengers - including writers, singers, and anyone involved with any sort of media.  As I believe she does.  

To hear more on Gabriel and Creativity, please join me tonight on the New Age Review radio show at 9PM ET / 6PM PT at the following link:  

Archangel Gabriel by Sheila Diemert

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Soul Home Work

This week is the first week of Plug In for Writers, a spiritual writing course given by Janet Conner, author of Writing Down Your Soul and The Lotus and the Lily

I loved Writing Down Your Soul.  Those of you who follow the blog may even remember when I blogged on it about a year ago.

I had great results with deep soul writing and I continued with it through three journals (which didn't take as long as you might think).  I wandered away from the practice around the holidays though I'm not sure exactly why or even it matters.  What does matter is that I'm back.

In the first class Plug In for Writers Janet gave us a few assignments.  Luckily, I had already begun one - rearranging my office to accommodate a recliner I'd picked up for $10 at an estate sale about a week before (pictured in the previous post: Redefining Sacred Space).  The second - setting up my creative altar ( above) wasn't all that hard. 

Writing my Writer's Blessing was a challenge but I'm happy to say that I finished it today.  It could be prettier but it says what I want to say.  I'm doing my soul writing every morning.  And I'm already hearing spirit speaking in between the lines.  No matter how many times it happens, I'm always amazed when the perfect piece clicks into place at the perfect time.

Also kind of cool - the journal I orphaned several months ago is almost filled and I had to order a new one.  Seemed like the perfect time to pick up Janet's My Soul Pages: A Companion to Writing Down Your Soul.

To read about my first experience with deep soul writing, please see the following post:  Manfestation Through Journaling: Writing Down Your Soul

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Redefining Sacred Space

I set a meditation space in my office some time ago. It features my grandmother's old rocker which was a very comfortable chair, by the standards of the day.  This chair works well for meditation because I cannot fall asleep in it but it is less appropriate for other things (specifically the deep soul writing I'm returning to and the astral projection program I'm about to start).

A couple of weeks ago, I went to an estate sale and picked up a very nice $10 leatherette recliner and found it necessary to rearrange my entire office space to accommodate it. I will still be using my grandmother's rocker for meditation but I'll be using the recliner for my upcoming Astral Dynamics course through

Rearranging my office was a little like doing one of those puzzles you may have played with as a kid but I'm happy with the result.  The entire space feel great and my new corner is perfect. I thought it would fun to share my pictures of the process:

Beginning to shift things around.  Book case and office supply wardrobe halfway to their new spots.
The point of no return (to late to wish you'd just left things as is)
My new spot!
New placement of bookcase, rocker and mini altar.
Relocated rocker.
The miracle of a clear desk - something I haven't see for some time!

Please check back soon. New articles are posted every week!